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So, I was looking at this one favourite blog forum, Shenyuepop, and there was a news about the Top 10 Singers To Look Forward To In 10 Years, and I was so surprise that my all time fav. DBSK-Xiah Junsu is only number 7 while the charismatic DBSK-Jae Jong didn’t even on the list.

Mnet! has released another list among the idol world. This time to expressed the idol they believed to have the most star power and potential to last a whole decade.

1. Big Bang Leader G-Dragon (Kwon Ji Yong)

2. Wonder Girls Ahn So Hee

3. Big Bang Tae Yang

4. Big Bang TOP

5. Super Junior Shin Dong (Shin Dong Hee)

6. Big Bang Kang Dae Sung

7. DBSK Xiah (Kim Junsu)

8. SS501 Leader Kim Hyun Joong

9. SNSD Im Yoona

10. Super Junior Choi Si Won


OK! I admit it that Big Bang is really awesome, their songs are all stucked in my head, even compared to DBSK. But, DBSK performances are always amazing and more powerful than Big Bang as they always sing while they are dancing. However, I’m not gonna compel who’s better than who, it’s just not worth it. What I’m trying to say in this post is the fact of the way being a kpop idol singer in Korea is so hilarious.

First of fall let’s see the music “condition” in our beloved country, Indonesia. As we notice, our music industry is dominated by male group band with mostly pop singer: Samsons, Nidji, Ungu, Kerispatih, and many more. Even though their songs are good and well-known even to our neighboor country, Malaysia, I just found that their performances are not as powerful as those Korean Idol such as DBSK, Big Bang, or Super Junior.  I don’t know why.

Well, let’s comeback to our kpop fandom heaven. As you might notice from the article above, all the star do really well on singing and dancing. So if you wanna make a new artist in Indonesia who dreams about being a hit idol, here are several suggestion (quiet obvious for those kpop lovers):

1. Find a talented singer at young age, most preferably at age 11-15, don’t accept any above 15 but the younger the better. Talent in singing is a must, but talent in dancing is a PLUS PLUS PLUS, and if they have a georgous look, that’s gonna be a PLUS PLUS PLUS PLUS PLUS PLUS PLUS (don’t you notice the Big Bang member are so handsome).

credit: forum@soompi

2. Trained them at least 5 years in singing, dancing, language (English, Japanese, Chinese, etc. English is the most important one, though), and many other aspect of entertainment world. Do you know that DBSK Xiah Junsu has been a trainee for 6 years in SM Entertainment before DBSK debuted? For Cassi, they all know, for general readers, this might be shocking. Yup! Those members in DBSK, Big Bang, Super Junior, Wonder Girls have been trained for more than 5 years under their company. So that’s why there’s no doubt that once they debuted, they all have become one of the most talented singer in kpop world. And don’t get me wrong, those training sometimes are harder and more stricth than school. Because after you go to your regular school, you have go to the company’s academy (either SM, JYP, YG, or many more) to be trained like HELL in dancing, singing, and etc. They sometimes are not allowed to eat or are having a really tight diet in order for them being good while being shoot.

3. Trained check, now it’s the time for debuting. Hm, it’s kinda difficult to comment especially in hard world. But I can give you one suggestion: Make them as appealing as possible: Fashion, Hair, and stuff. And if they can be a trendsetter, that would enhance their music as well.

credit: As tagged + forum@soompi

4. Ah! Not to mention this last stuff about publishing. Don’t you feel wondering as why they are so popular even accross the country? Well, the only one and absolute answer is INTERNET! Yup! INTERNET is the biggest thing here and it is where all the magic happen. All the fans get to know each of the member through the net, all the fans are able to listen and see their perfomance, their MV, thus increasing the idol’s popularity also through internet. YOUTUBE is wonderful, I agree! So, if you want to debut your singer or idol, create a team from your company who act as a “fake” fans and start to post pictures, MV’s, news, and etc on a blog. Don’t forget to create a “fake” id in forum like soompi, asianfanatics, and many more and advertise the idols using the banner or the avatar, but still you have to start reply to topics as for others to be able to see you banner. Hahahahaha,, if people get curious about the idol, then they can visit the blog and judge them! They’re harsh, I warned you!

5. Be ready of fans! If paparazzi is the most hateful thing for celebs in USA, then it’s fan who are chasing after the idols all the time. OMG! They’re just crazy! and I mean it!


That’s probably just my two cents of my fandom heaven! correct me if i’m mistaken!


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Mocca First Album

Mocca First Album

I know it’s a little bit late, but, right now, I’m feeling so proud with one of our “Indonesia” band, Mocca, for which their songs appear on the popular reality show “We Got Married”.

Mocca is an Indonesian music band formed in 1997 in Bandung, Indonesia. The band’s musical style is inspired by the retro sounds of the 70s, with influences of swing, bossanova, Swedish pop and jazz. The band is formed with Arina Ephipania Simangunsong as the lead singer, Riko Prayitno as the guitarist, Ahmad Pratama as the bassist, and Indra Massad as the drumer. I’ve known this band for long time but never happen in my mind that I will like them, but ever since I watched We Got Married, my love for this band is growing and growing.

Their songs are really unique as you will rarely see this kind of genre especially in Indonesia, because the majority of band in Indonesia are full of pop and rock. So, listening to their music is really something in my ears. Here is one of my favourite song from Mocca that also appears in WGM:

Mocca – Me and My Boyfriend

We Got Married ep. 5. Have a look at 5:50 when Alex is teasing with Shin Ae with the leech. OMG this scene is just so hilarious

I’m not quiet sure if any of my Indonesian friends know about it, but we should be really proud of them because is not only one or two songs of Mocca, but I notice that WGM uses a lot of their song for every episode especially for the Alex-Shin Ae scenes (my fav. *^-^*). There are a lot of people accross the countries who also watch WGM, listen to their songs, and like it. I found a lot of praise for their song: “^ One of my fave Mocca song,I was hoping they would use it on the show so when they actually did ..kekeke..I really liked it“, “Great background songs by Mocca..^_^ Alex and Shin Ae are just too cute “.  Phew, I really want to support you guys and really wish you good luck for your hard work!!

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Swimming Indo-Blog

Sometimes, the news of K-Entertainment doesn’t go as fast as I expected. In other words, there could be that in a day, there is no single interesting “sentilan”, in my point of view, of course, and if that’s the case, I will get really bored that I feel I really want to do something more useful (Hah!). So today, I finally did! I finally left for a while those useless bump and swimming swimming looking for an interesting Indonesian Blog, for I’ve never read any of those and I feel that I know more about Korean Pop Culture than my own pop culture. Yes! I’m thirsty of those news! Not news about politics or economics because they just make me bored.

However, no matter how hard I tried to google about those blogs with using some weird keyword, I really have to accept that most of Indonesian bloggers write about Technology, IT, Computer, and some about politics, economy, and sarcasm to the government, hardly I found any blog about music or movie. Or, maybe, it’s just that our music and movie quality is not that interesting to be written as a blog. Hm, that makes a lot of sense.

So, in those “useful” times, I’ve found some “interesting” blog that I think is as worth as my fandom blog kpop. Well, the first thing that I found interesting is Komikku, Bukan Komikmu that is basically about a comic blog criticizing the condition of Indonesia, ranging from politics situation, economic, gossip, and many other. I like this blog because their humor is really good and right now I know more about the condition in Indonesia, like what latest news is, and many more.

Komikku Bukan Komikmu

The other blog that I found quiet catchy is Blogombal, but again it’s all about politics and government, so if you are not interested in those kind of things, I suggest you to not read those. For me, it’s just simply to make myself updated.

Wanna hear something about economics? Well, I found one that’s worth to read: Sarapan Ekonomi.

Well, that’s all the blog that I found that is related to non-IT, the rest of it is just blog talking about the IT development, and stuff. But you know what, it’s really interesting that even though I can say that Indonesia is a growing country with a lot of poverty going on, the growth of IT in Indonesia is really enormous!!! Like really really enormous! Hahaha,, a good thing though!

Planet Terasi Direktif

I wonder, there should be an interesting blog talking about music and movie. If you happen to know one of those! Please let me know, I will be happy to hear that!

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