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When one is deceived, is cheated, the heart is the one that suffers most. And for one who has been hurt for so long, it is quiet another to forgive the mistake and move on. But when they realize that the world has turned against him once more, they fell apart; this time, completely. Because when the history comes back to them, they think they can control the future by acting in the present. But it turns out the other way; they were wrong. One can hide, but they clearly can’t runaway. And at the time they realize that the consequences are unimaginable, everything was just walked away.

This time, they can’t shout, so they cry harder. They can’t be mad, so their heart is aching. They can’t give in, so their soul is ripped. It is dangerous when what was once happy and beautiful suddenly become tainted. All the wonderful assumptions and relationships was thrown out of the window and burned deep inside the earth.

Mianhae, sorry. You hurt me, but I hurt you even more. You didn’t mean that, but you have put a scar inĀ  my heart, so I just walked away. I put you my trust, but you crossed the line. 7 hours and I washed away my emotion, now you could turn back and un-do the sorry.


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