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Event though this post won’t have any direct writing about the Beijing Olympiad itself, but after reading a news about it on the newspaper, I became mad at myself. How come, for such a tremendous event like this, there are only two TVs who will broadcast it? TVRI and another paid TV, TV Aora. So, eventually, only TVRI will serve the majority of the people of Indonesia because I bet there is way more people who doesn’t have that TV Aora. Why even RCTI, the usual broadcaster, doesn’t want to subscribe it? There’s only one reason: money.

Tonight, the party will start, but I will be leaving behind by watching it only from TVRI. Not that I don’t like it; instead, I feel very grateful that TVRI are generous enough to broadcast it. But the feeling that this is a huge event, still…

Before, I felt so proud to be Indonesian people, but after I became an international citizen, I started questiong. Wen loves China, Tian loves China. All of my Chinese friends wrote that to show support for China as China become one of the fastest growing country in the world. But, I’m here questioning myself my loyalty to my own country. I’m questioning myself about its future. I’m questioning myself about the direction it will go. Then, I became mad at myself. I mad at myself because there is nothing that I can do. I mad at myself because I felt that I’m stuck in here inside the cage not being able to feel free. I mad at myself because after its 60 years living independently, my country is still unable to fly high. Yes. It has lost to its very own neighbor: Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and even Vietnam and Philiphine. Then, I became mad at myself again. I don’t think this cycle will ever end. Not until I see my country to be at the point I want it to be, you know what I’m talking about.


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Sometimes, the news of K-Entertainment doesn’t go as fast as I expected. In other words, there could be that in a day, there is no single interesting “sentilan”, in my point of view, of course, and if that’s the case, I will get really bored that I feel I really want to do something more useful (Hah!). So today, I finally did! I finally left for a while those useless bump and swimming swimming looking for an interesting Indonesian Blog, for I’ve never read any of those and I feel that I know more about Korean Pop Culture than my own pop culture. Yes! I’m thirsty of those news! Not news about politics or economics because they just make me bored.

However, no matter how hard I tried to google about those blogs with using some weird keyword, I really have to accept that most of Indonesian bloggers write about Technology, IT, Computer, and some about politics, economy, and sarcasm to the government, hardly I found any blog about music or movie. Or, maybe, it’s just that our music and movie quality is not that interesting to be written as a blog. Hm, that makes a lot of sense.

So, in those “useful” times, I’ve found some “interesting” blog that I think is as worth as my fandom blog kpop. Well, the first thing that I found interesting is Komikku, Bukan Komikmu that is basically about a comic blog criticizing the condition of Indonesia, ranging from politics situation, economic, gossip, and many other. I like this blog because their humor is really good and right now I know more about the condition in Indonesia, like what latest news is, and many more.

Komikku Bukan Komikmu

The other blog that I found quiet catchy is Blogombal, but again it’s all about politics and government, so if you are not interested in those kind of things, I suggest you to not read those. For me, it’s just simply to make myself updated.

Wanna hear something about economics? Well, I found one that’s worth to read: Sarapan Ekonomi.

Well, that’s all the blog that I found that is related to non-IT, the rest of it is just blog talking about the IT development, and stuff. But you know what, it’s really interesting that even though I can say that Indonesia is a growing country with a lot of poverty going on, the growth of IT in Indonesia is really enormous!!! Like really really enormous! Hahaha,, a good thing though!

Planet Terasi Direktif

I wonder, there should be an interesting blog talking about music and movie. If you happen to know one of those! Please let me know, I will be happy to hear that!

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